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Immigration Evaluations are not as difficult as you think. 
Let's get you trained up.

Learn the types of immigration applications

This is a 1hr introduction into Immigration Evaluations and Report Writing
Intended to assess if this is right for you. 

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"I help clinicians earn more money and not feel bad about it"

Jere'My Rankins, MA LPC
Join Me!!
Learn how to expand your private practice,
Earn more money, 
and shorten your work days. 

Invest in yourself 1st

  • Benefit: Learn a new niche that you are already qualified in
  • Feature: expand your private practice by offering a new service to your community
  • Icon: Change the way you do business and earn revenue

Get Started In Less Than 60 Seconds!

These are simple Steps to get you closer to 
building your private practice. Put your headphones in and listen to this introduction on the move.

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I understand that time is more valuable than money!! This webinar will help save all of us the time and money. By assessing if this niche will work in your practice.
Build Your Private 
Do not subscribe to the Imposter Syndrome
Get Instantly Connected to a Community 
You will have the opportunity to get ongoing support as you grow and build
You are qualified!!!
You may need a bit more training and direction but you got this. We can help!!!
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This is a 1hr training video

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